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AMD Interlagos: Bulldozer architecture for the server world

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In this article we present the new server architecture based on AMD's Bulldozer core class. We describe the 4200 series CPUs for 1 and 2-socket systems and 6200 series for 2 and 4-socket systems and a maximum of 64 cores.




The growing demand for web services and/or cloud has increased the need for installation of platforms and server systems. The most efficient and cheap solution currently used is the virtualization: a single physical machine can simulate a variety of machines, even hundreds. Just have enough RAM and Core. Typically at least one core and 1GB of RAM per virtual machine. And therefore became necessary to have the greatest possible number of cores and DIMM slots for a single system. Currently the server farm is composed of towers including a few dozen slots for many racks, each host a complete system. It goes without saying that many more cores and DIMM can accommodate a rack, remaining in acceptable power consumption and heat, the greater the number of virtual servers that can be hosted.


The requirements for a server platform are therefore the cost for the cloud, scalability for virtualization, namely the ability to allow many virtual machines without sacrificing performance, and processing power for HPC, namely the high performance computing.