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Aquacomputer Kryographics GTX 980 acrylic glass edition, top quality and performance - Aquacomputer Kryographics GTX 980 Acrylic Glass Edition, Package and Bundle

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Aquacomputer Kryographics GTX 980 Acrylic Glass Edition, Package and Bundle


Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_01  Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_01b  Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_02


The package supplied by Aquacomputer is typically a fine package. The blue and yellow Aquacomputer logo stands out on the glossy black background. The package is very well made, although there are no photos of the product, which is mentioned only on a small sticker on one side of the package.
Once we open the package, we find plenty of wrapping protecting the fullcover and the remainder of the bundle.


Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_03  Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_04

It is absolutely impossible for the contents to be damaged during shipping. When we take out the fullcover, tightly sealed in a vacuum plastic pack, we find a small bag containing the bundle.


Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_05  Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_06  Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_07


The bundle contains:

  • Instructions in German and English
  • A stainless steel backplate
  • Screws and material for installation
  • Thermal pads
  • Two G1/4” threaded caps


 Aqucomputer gtx_980_kryographics_bundle_08


Following the manual with installation instructions and technical specifications of the product:










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