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Wheel Stand Pro V2, stability at the right price - Technical specifications

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Technical specifications

Let’s make a short list of Wheel Stand Pro characteristics:

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As you can see in the previous table, this stand is compatible with the majority of wheels, especially with Thrustmaster and Logitech ones. The weight of this product is high, which is something appreciable because it won’t make our wheel move even if we set the FFB at high levels. This stand can be personalized in different ways, in fact both the wheel support plate and the central arm can rotate of 360°. This is useful to adapt the Wheel Stand Pro to our driving position, which depends on what kind of chair or armchair we are using. The central arm can reach 40cm of height so the wheel won’t be too low and uncomfortable even if we are using quite a tall chair. Finally, we must talk about the fixing system of the single parts, which are simple terminals that use a lot of strength to make the stand more solid.



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