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Review: Geil DDR2 Ultra PC8500

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GeIL, taiwanese brand specialized in high end solution for tweaking and overclocking fans, has announced the faster DDR2 memory kit actually avaible on the market. And we are going to test them for you!


GeIL PC2-8500 DDR2 1066 PLUS Dual Channel Kit

Frequenza operativa

1066 MHz DDR2(Intel) 1200MHz DDR2(AMD)


5-5-5-15 (Intel) 4-5-5-10 (Amd)


Sistem memory modules of 64Mx8 (512MB) DDR2-1066 CL5 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM)

component per module
1GB KIT (2x512MB) optimized forl Dual Channel


EPP SPD settings, JDEC SPD settings

Range di tensione


Prezzo indicativo kit da 1GB

200-250 €


The DDR2 1066 Plus Ultra series are certificated from GeIL to operate at the 1066MHz frequency at timings 5-5-5-15 and just 2.4v. This performance are even better if we are goin to mount this kit on an AMD AM2 platform, since they can go as fast as DDR2 1200MHz with even faster timings…. CAS 4!!! GeIL infact says that this kit is certifcated to work on Asus M2N32-Deluxe SLI mainboard and Athlon 64 FX62 at 3 GHz with 10x multiplier and 300MHz fsb. This memories maintein the same stability with timings @ 4-5-5-10 but with a little more volts on them, 2.5V.


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