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PNY_GTX_560_Ti_XLR8_OC2In the world market the GTX 560 Ti are one of the best-selling products, thanks to their relatively low cost, good performance and low power consumption. In this review we will test the GTX 560 Ti, manufactured by PNY. In particular we’ll talk about the PNY GTX 560 Ti XLR8 OC2, characterized by higher operating frequencies than the reference version, which are well managed by the heat sink designed by Nvidia.







The PNY Electronics was founded in 1985 in New York. Initially, PNY business was focused only on memory chips trading. In 1997, the company, to give greater prominence to its expansion, changed its name into PNY Technologies. Today is considered a world-wide leading provider of memory modules, flash memory and graphics solutions dedicated to the whole market, thus not only to the most demanding gamers, but also to enterprises, with products based on NVIDIA's Quadro series.



The company continues to grow and with over 500 employees, aims to continuously improve its image and to make its business innovative in terms of technology and beyond. Its products are subjected to rigorous controls to ensure the highest quality and zero compromise. The PNY Technologies is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, is certified according to ISO-9001 with commercial and production subsidiaries all over the world, from North America, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia. In the coming years expansions are expected in India and Australia. Through a specialized team and an advanced equipment the company provides the quality through very careful targeted testing. In Europe it is present in many countries including Italy. The company's European headquarters is located in Bordeaux, France.


PNY currently provides a wide range of products:


MEMORY SOLUTIONS: The PNY's memory products currently make up the largest share of all retail sales in the United States. The PNY memory upgrade modules are compatible with Apple, Compaq, DELL, Gateway, HP, IBM and more than 5,000 types of desktop systems, notebooks, printers and servers. With products easy to install and with a 100% guaranteed compatibility, PNY is considered full-service supplier of quality memory products worldwide.

GRAPHICS CARD: Combining expertise in high-speed memory products with market leadership in the channel, the PNY Verto GeForce  consumer graphics cards are currently the most comprehensive range of NVIDIA graphics cards for PCs available in the retail market from a single source. With several cards with AGP bus (Accelerated Graphic Port) and numerous compatible PCI cards (Peripheral Component Interconnect), the Verto line contains an ideal graphics solution for virtually any application, configuration or budget.

THE NVIDIA Quadro PNY  family are the most powerful and sophisticated high-performance boards available to the community of professional graphics. These products are designed to maximize productivity and creativity in a 2D/3D workstation environment, providing users with unlimited graphics capabilities and multi-monitor support. The technology offers the widest range of PNY hardware for 2D and 3D graphics including the revolutionary multi-display technology NVIDIA nView, the advanced Cg programmability that gives rise to a new class of OpenGL and DirectX applications for rendering real-time and quality design certified by the entire spectrum of CAD and DCC applications.

FLASH MEDIA: PNY markets a wide range of quality Flash Media products including SecureDigital Cards, microSD, MMC PLUS, MMC mobile and accessories that provide reliable performance for a variety of digital applications for professionals and amateurs. Compatible with virtually all digital cameras, MP3 players, handheld devices and other consumer electronics products today's most popular, PNY Flash Media products are available in a wide range of size and offer quick and easy storage and transfer of images, music or large data.



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