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Fractal Design Core 1000, an elegant and inexpensive Micro-ATX case

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In today's review we will present the Core 1000 case, produced by the Sweden Fractal Design.This is an affordable micro-ATX format case, which incorporates within it interesting features, such as the removable anti-vibration hard drive bracket and the ability to host video cards longer than 30cm.









Fractal Design aims to provide products with elegant design, without compromising quality, functionality and the final price. The company, headquartered in Sweden, focuses on the development and design of cases, power supplies, cooling systems and much more. All products were thoroughly tested before being introduced to the market. Fractal Design understands the potential of marketing and according the known firm the strategic marketing activities are key to success in today's market.


IDP is a reality born from the enthusiasm of a young group of entrepreneurs who want to take on the Italian market the best of the technology, design and quality in PC hardware and accessories. The birth of the project takes place in 2004 and, after two years of success, in 2006, became a reality finally independent, with great prospects for the future.After a first stay in Milan, the company moves in Legnano in a space that includes offices and warehouse adapted to growth prospects and the need for new logistics and distribution. IDP identifies its core business in the direct import of products and the widespread B2B country distribution.

The Core 1000 case is available through IDP here.


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