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Video card heatsink, Scythe Setsugen 2

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Today we will analyze a video card cooler produced by Scythe: the Setsugen 2.  Now in its second revision, the Setsugen is equipped with a 120 mm fan slim type, with the ultimate goal of occupying only one additional slot in addition to the card.We tested it on an HD 4870, comparing it with other coolers in its price range.






Scythe is a company founded in Japan in 2002, it began the production of heat sinks and fans for CPU, originally concentrating in this area.Over the years it has managed to become a leading sink manufacturer in Japan, despite his young age.

Today, it has expanded its range of products, going also in the power supply market, cases and fans with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. It distributes products worldwide and has also factories in America.

The product reviewed today is a video card cooler belonging to the Setsugen series. Unlike Musashi Series, sink with 2 100 mm fans, the Setsugen has a single 120 mm fan.The model that we present in this review is the Setsugen 2 that has a renewed layout over the first generation. The first Setsugen, indeed, featured an internal air extraction fan, with a body detached from the base and connected only through the heat pipes. The new model has a more classic layout, with fan facing the PCB. This made it possible to have a whole dissipating body, however, with the 4 heat pipes arranged in U, so as to improve its efficiency.


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