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Asus NC1 - Portable active noise reduction headphones

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prima_nc1Asus has introduced the NC1 headphones set, characterized by an innovative system of active noise cancellation, an extremely light weight and a high level of audio quality. We examined the features and noted the advantages and disadvantages of this solution.









ASUS derives by the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology which represent the inspiration to art and learning. Asus appropriates the strength, the creative spirit and the purity symbolized by this mythical creature, royal and agile, always pushing forward to new heights of quality and innovation with every new product developed.




ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. (ASUS ®), founded in 1989 in Taiwan, is now a major player in the hardware market. For several years the world's largest producer of mainboards, ASUS has gradually expanded its business to produce several high-tech products: notebooks, which is now in the top seven world producers, video cards, which is the first brand for sales, and to follow optical devices, broadband solutions, servers, Pocket PCs, networking products, LCD displays, mobile phones, PDA phones, digital home solutions, GPS, Ultra Mobile PCs. Among the factors that contributed to its success is surely the Advanced Research and Development department of the company, which currently employs nearly 3000 highly qualified engineers with the aim to increase more and more the quality levels of its products.


As for the offer within the ASUS headphones, we found both headsets and headphone. Among headsets are currently two models: CineVibe and HS-1000W. The headphone offer instead is made ​​only by the product covered by this review: NC1.



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