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Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 30 Acetal Black reservoir

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alphacool_cape_fuzion_core_30_acetal_blackToday we present a component with which the user of liquid cooling systems are very familiar. We speak of the reservoir produced by Alphacool, the Cape Core 30 Acetal Black, characterized by a cylindrical structure of about 30cm.As we shall see it lends itself particularly to modding your PC, with the ability to integrate LEDs that can give wonderful play of light.






Reservoirs, as many people know, are an essential component of liquid cooling systems. They have , in fact, the essential function to act as a liquid's containing buffer, preventing that the pump, becoming even more powerful, remain dry and being damaged. The Alphacool, a German company producing the Cape Core 30 Acetal Black,, is well known on the cooling market, especially in the field of liquid cooling systems for its original solutions. The phrase that characterizes Alphacool, printed on all its products is in fact "The Cooling Company.” The products in the vast Alphacool catalog, of which Aquatuning is an authorized dealer in the world, are characterized by innovative and original solutions.

Let us now turn to describe the product and the bundle that comes with it. The Cape Core 30 Acetal Black is one of many reservoirs produced by Alphacool.

The XtremeHardware staff has recently reviewed for you also the Cape Corp Bullseye Black Pro and the Repack-cooling Slot-In Delrin white.


The Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 30 can be purchased from this Aquatuning address:



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