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[Preview] AMD Llano A6-3650.

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In conjunction with the presentation on the market, XtremeHardware offers a preview of what are the performance and features of the new AMD Llano A6-3650, performances that will be analyzed in greater detail in the review that the editors are preparing for you.





Less than a month ago XtremeHardware proposed to its readers performance analysis and in-depth drafting of the architectural solutions for the new AMD Fusion; we talk about the new processors with Llano architecture, with integrated IGP and a respectable price performance ratio.

The first tests were carried out on the family's flagship product, the AMD A8-3850, APU with four cores operating at a frequency of 2.9GHz and an integrated AMD Radeon HD 6550D.



Today, the editorial offers an anticipation of what are the characteristics and performance of another solution, part of the Llano family; the model A6-3650.

This product, which will be discussed in more detail in the review that the editors are preparing for you, is available to the public at a price of around € 100.00.

0x_A6_cpu_front 0x_A6_cpu_back



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