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Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus II.

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The staff of XtremeHardware review, today, a heat sink for high-end video cards. This is the flagship product of ARCTIC COOLING, the Accelero XTREME Plus II, available directly from the store of the company at a price of 69,78 €.





ARCTIC COOLING is a Swiss company, with factories in Hong Kong and the United States, founded in 2001 and leader in cooling systems. Since few years the company has expanded its portfolio by launching devices such as keyboards, speakers, mouse, cases and power supplies.

The staff of XtremeHardware, after testing and published the reviews on some models that are part of these new solutions, today will test a VGA cooler, the Accelero XTREME ARCTIC Plus II.



The product in review is for the user looking for a cooling system able to offer excellent temperature and low noise.

This solution uses the design of the Xtreme series; it is equipped with well 83 aluminum fins and 5 copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 mm, that can provide a cooling capacity equal to 250W. The best conductivity is ensured by the thermal paste, the ARCTIC MX-4, pre-applied.

Among the strengths described by the company are also the aid of the G-1 thermal glue that can provide the best thermal conductivity between RAM, VR and their heat sinks. Other interesting aspects are the quietness, touted by the company thanks to the 3 92mm fans, and the broad compatibility with video cards currently available on the market.

Below are the detailed specifications and the compatibility list.


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