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Sharkoon T5 Value: value for the money

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AnteIn this review we present a new cabinet of the German brand Sharkoon, the T5 Value Edition, which differs from the T5 Economy for the presence of a side-window and two 120mm fans instead of the only fan installed in the cheaper version.









Sharkoon offers a wide range of products: input devices, headsets, cabinets, docking stations, USB flash drives, card readers, fans, power supplies and many other products for managing and modding PCs.

The German company immediately entered the USB 3.0 market with products well appreciated in professional working environments. The case we're going to review today is equipped with a USB 3.0 port on the front panel.


The ATX cabinets in the T5 family are:



The product manual is available in the web site in English or German. The Pdf manual is very detailed with color images. This is a good choice from Sharkoon: a good manual that explains which the role of each part is, is always something pleasant. The manual is available here .


1  2


In these two images we can see how it is managed the airflow inside the case; the second image shows some characteristics of the T5 Value Edition.



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