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Scythe Mugen 3, CPU cooler for the mid-range target

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Scythe-Mugen-3-CPU-coolerToday we will analyze a CPU cooler from Scythe: the Mugen 3. Proposed in its third revision, the Mugen 3 cooler is equipped with a 120 mm fan, 25mm thick, and has the aim to further improve the already excellent quality/price ratio of the Mugen 2. We tested it on an Intel Core i7 920 Review D0.






Scythe is a company founded in Japan in 2002, it began the production of heat sinks and fans for CPU, originally focusing in this area. Over the years it has managed to become a leading heatsinks manufacturer in Japan, despite his young age. Today, it has expanded its range of products, entering also the power supply market, cases and fans with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Scythe distributes products worldwide and has also factories in America.

The product reviewed today is the new Mugen 3 CPU cooler 3.

Direct evolution of the already appreciated Mugen 2, the Mugen 3 shows an evident improvement of both the price / performance ratio and the mounting system, introducing new technologies designed to maximize performance under load. As is immediately reported in the outer package, an increase in performance of 8%, compared to the previous model, has been obtained, which is a result certainly interesting in the field of tower air coolers.


Model Number: SCMG-2000

Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan



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