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CPU cooler Thermalright HR-02 Macho

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Thermalright-HR-02-Macho-CPU-CoolerToday we will analyze a CPU heat sink by Thermalright: the HR-02 Macho. This is a giant heat sink that features a 140 mm fan. It has been created with the aim to further improve the good quality/price of the previous HR-02.






Thermalright is a leader in the market of dissipation for the components of personal computers, specialized in cooling solutions for CPUs, but has developed equally valid and even revolutionary heat sink solutions for GPU, RAM, chipset, MOSFET and other accessories. The main objective of Thermalright is to get the correct operating temperatures for the components of a personal computer. You need to have solutions with good design and minimal structural complexity, but characterized by a high know-how to get the correct temperatures in modern systems.




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