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Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 XT and Flow Sensor, your liquid cooling system under control

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aquacomputer_aquaero_5_xtIn today's review we present two interesting Aquacomputer products for water cooling: the Aquaero 5 XT, a comprehensive tool to control your liquid-cooled PC, and the "High Flow" Flow Sensor G1/4, which allows to measure the flow of water in your liquid cooling system.







We received in our labs the Aquaero 5 XT controller along with the flow sensor "Flow Sensor High Flow" G1/4 that we propose in this review, both made ​​by German manufacturer Aquacomputer , well known in the liquid cooling sector for avant-garde solutions, as well as the quality that accompanies its products. Most of the parts and components both mechanical, plastic or electronic are produced entirely in its factory. The production consists of CNC machines for precision machining of metal and plastic while for cutting and engraving the company uses both laser diode and CO2 machines. Also the software and the firmware is programmed internally, so its products are cutting edge and appreciated for the functional completeness. In fact, the Aquaero 5 XT controller that we propose in this review along with the flow sensor is actually now the most comprehensive, accurate and rich in its functions, in the field of PC components, a user could want. Both the user that takes the first steps in this area and the expert that knows perfectly well that, to monitor the variables involved in the liquid cooling and then to keep it efficient, you need an interface that allows to display values ​​and to act accordingly. The values ​​of temperature and flow velocity of the liquid to get real-time operating status of the pump and other components are vital in order to maintain the temperatures of our PC hardware   within the safety limits set. But let us proceed with the presentation of the concerned products.


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