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SilverStone, seeking the excellence - SilverStone: looking at the past and present

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SilverStone: looking at the past and present


There have been many different product typologies of cabinets made by SilverStone, and released in the retail market, we now proceed to list all the different models in commerce (in red you will find the cabinets analyzed today):




Now you may ask to what all these initials refer. We’re going to analyze them, with a short description and showing the respective photos to give an idea of the different typologies. You will find the motherboard compatibility list on the right.


SSF : Small Form Factor (SFF), low weight and dimensions, Mini-ITX


CROWN : Premium HTPC, high height, = 225mm, with a remote control. ATX/Micro-ATX


GRANDIA : Mainstream HTPC, height = 170mm. ATX/Micro-ATX


MILO : Slim size HTPC, height = 82mm, with remote control. MoDT Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, DTX


LASCALA : Classic HTPC, height = 100mm, classical conception. ATX/Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, 

LASCALA series was originally meant to represent all HTPC cases from SilverStone. In 2006, Silverstone decided to stop LASCALA series at 20 (LC20 was the last one) and created three new series representing HTPC (Crown, Grandia, Milo) with more distinct differences.



TEMJIN : Premium tower, now flagship models, aluminum. Variable Standards


FORTRESS : Enthusiasts tower, aluminum, with excellent specs. Variable Standards


KUBLAI : Performance Tower, great quality, but with a lower price. Variable Standards


PRECISION : High-value tower with a modern look, great solutions. Variable Standards


RAVEN : Extreme enthusiasts, revolutionary conception and state-of-the-art innovations



We also quote the company milestones:


  • Jan - SilverStone releases its first smart NAS device, the Data Center DC01.
  • Feb - SilverStone releases the Temjin TJ11, the first computer chassis with dual uni-body construction.
  • Jun - SilverStone introduces a new line of desktop USB fan utilizing air channeling grille from its Air Penetrator series with the AP121-USB.
  • Jun - SilverStone launches the first PCI-E expansion cards in the world to feature 19pin internal USB 3.0 connector with EC01 and EC03.
  • Jul – SilverStone releases CP06, the first SATA power cable splitter to integrate capacitors.
  • Aug – SilverStone releases Nightjar ST50NF, the most powerful fanless power supply yet.
  • Dec – SilverStone launches Strider Gold Evolution, the first power supplies to integrate Air Penetrator fans.


  • Jan - SilverStone won iF 2010 Product Design award with the Fortress FT02.
  • Feb - SilverStone announced HDDBOOST, a product designed to seamlessly combine SSD and HDD.
  • Mar - SilverStone introduces the first computer fan to utilize an air channeling grille with the Air Penetrator.
  • Apr - SilverStone releases its first retail SFX form factor power supply, the ST45SF.
  • Jun - The most powerful Mini-ITX case ever created, the Sugo SG07 with 600W PSU included, is released.
  • Sep - SilverStone releases the smallest ATX modular power supply in the world with the Strider Plus ST50F-P.
  • Nov - SilverStone’s innovative Fortress FT03 chassis selected as an honoree for 2011 CES Innovations Award.
  • Dec - SilverStone launches the world’s first retail computer case with USB 3.0 internal front port connector in the Milo ML03 HTPC case.


  • Jan - SilverStone introduced Sugo SG05 and brings Mini-ITX form factor into mainstream.
  • Feb - SilverStone launched its first optical drive products, SOD01 (slim DVD) and TOB02 (slim Blu-ray).
  • Apr - SilverStone released its most powerful consumer PSU ever in the 1500W Strider ST1500.
  • Jul - SilverStone released the second chassis to utilize 90° rotated motherboard configuration in the RAVEN RV02.
  • Sep - SilverStone released Grandia GD04, the most powerful Micro-ATX HTPC & SFF case yet with three 120mm fans in 21 liters.
  • Nov - SilverStone launched Strider Plus series PSU, combining features from Olympia, Decathlon, Element, and Strider series into one series.
  • Nov - SilverStone released Fortress FT02, the first product to combine three unique SilverStone features into one chassis (stack effect, positive pressure, unibody).


  • Jan - SilverStone NVIDIA ESA Certified Chassis, Temjin J10-ESA announced.
  • Jan - SilverStone announced its first gaming mouse, later named RAVEN RVM01.
  • Mar - SilverStone presented the Fortress FT01, emphasizing the use of “positive air pressure” as preferred airflow management.
  • May - SilverStone announced TJ10 NVIDIA Special Edition-TJ10B-WNV.
  • Jun - SilverStone announced its first chassis with 90° rotated motherboard configuration in the RAVEN RV01.
  • Jul - SilverStone announced ZM1200 & ZU1200 to support GTX 280 in 3-way SLI.
  • Oct - SilverStone won Custom PC 2008 best chassis manufacturer.


  • Jan - SilverStone introduces Sugo SG03 and redefines SFF form factor.
  • Jun - SilverStone attains ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
  • Jun - SilverStone announced Crown CW03, the first HTPC case with 7” LCD touchscreen to support 1080P.
  • Nov - SilverStone OP1200 1200W powered the system that broke 3DMark06 world record.


  • Mar - SilverStone announces its first liquid cooling device, Tundra TD01.
  • Jun - SilverStone released Crown CW01-WD, first HTPC case to specifically support Western Digital’s RaptorX hard drive.
  • Sep - The first retail computer chassis with mid-section air duct dedicated for GPU cooling, the Temjin TJ09, is released.


  • Feb - SilverStone becomes one of first two PSU manufacturers in the world to receive NVIDIA SLI certification.
  • Jun - SilverStone becomes ATI’s hardware partner as a PSU vendor.
  • Sep - SilverStone announces its first chassis built from unibody aluminum frame withTemjin TJ07.


  • Jan - SilverStone introduces its first chassis with integrated VFD in Lascala LC03V.
  • Feb - SilverStone Technology GmbH begins business.
  • Apr - SilverStone introduced its first fan-less power supply, the Nightjar ST30NF.
  • Jun - SilverStone’s first cooler, later named Nitrogon NT01, announced.
  • Aug - SilverStone introduces Lascala LC10M, its first chassis to include VFD/IR, remote, and multimedia software.


  • May - SilverStone Technology founded.
  • Jul - SilverStone’s first power supplies, Strider ST360/ST400 released.
  • Aug - SilverStone’s first desktop/HTPC chassis, Lascala LC01 announced.
  • Sep - SilverStone Technology Inc. in USA begins business.
  • Nov - SilverStone’s first tower chassis, Temjin TJ01 announced.



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