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Lamptron Hall of Fame: cos'è?


As suggested by the title of this article, the Lamptron Hall of Fame is a space made available by the company, where modders can expose in a "virtual showroom" their own pieces of art and submit them to the judgment of the worldwide public. Every modder can then upload more suggestive photos of his own work, answering to questions and sharing the worklog of his mod, that is to say the detailed building or modification process of their unique cabinet. The mod will be judged through the classic method of "likes", each mod will then be voted by the public and, after a certain period, the Lamptron Staff will choose a modder among the highest rated. This modder will be rewarded by Lamptron with a sponsorship for further mods, receiving Lamptron products for his future works.




We could define the Hall of Fame as an incentive for the modding, a way to encourage users to create custom computer and then an encouragement to make this discipline a true artistic movement. By participating in the Hall of Fame, modders will be able to show their PC all over the world and find collaborations. Lamptron, on the other hand, in addition to be the bearer of this movement, will be able to select the most talented modder in order to appear in the most charming and sophisticated PCs ever built.

As said previously, the Lamptron selection of more "crazy" modders will take place with circa monthly cadence; if you think that you are not able to compete in front of the current more in vogue artists, do not despair! You will able to get your turn after a little bit of practice.

For more information about the Hall of Fame and how to participate, please refer to the official Lamptron  web page:


To upload your mod you can click on the following link and register:



Contest FB


To celebrate the launch of the initiative Lamptron has also organized a mini contest on its Facebook and Twitter pages: you have just to insert your personal information in this form: to participate to the extraction of a Lamptron FC10 special edition fan controller. By retweetting and spreading the voice, you will can get once a day an extra ticket for the extraction. Moreover, by participating to the Hall of Fame, you will get 10 extra tickets.




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